The perfect packaging solution out of one mould!

Modern packaging for fresh products

Injection molding for packaging has been consistently developed over the past few years. In the food industry, this type of packaging continues to gain new market shares. A growing number of companies are taking advantage of this technology along with in-mold labeling, which integrates this step into the package manufacturing process.

  • Custom-made solutions
    Working together with customers, Weidenhammer develops custom-made product packages. Injection molding technology opens the door to practically unlimited options when it comes to package shape and labeling.
  • PermaSafe® ­ Today's tin can
    With PermaSafe®, Weidenhammer Plastic Packaging introduced the benefits of plastics to the processed foods industry. PermaSafe provides sturdy packaging for sterilized and pasteurized foods and is much lighter and more convenient.
  • Caps for cans
    Using high-output production systems, Weidenhammer produces premium-quality plastic lids for composite cans, luxury tubes and drums.