Product portfolio

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Composite cans

The versatile solution when it comes to convenience packaging. Special features include flexibility in design and layout along with excellent sealing properties and aroma protection. The first choice for moisture-sensitive dry bulk goods.

Composite drums

A versatile, extremely stable solution that is ideal for high-impact advertising. This classic Weidenhammer package is designed for high-volume capacity. Perfect for everything from snacks to pet food, detergents and promotional items.

Foldable drums

Space-saving solution for easier transport and high-volume contents. This new Weidenhammer packaging design is ideal for ice cream, semi-solid foods and other frozen products.

Luxury tubes

The exclusive package designed for exquisite products ranging from perfumes to distilled spirits and promotional items. This premium-quality packaging solution accentuates products with an attractive design and creative diversity.

Plastic packaging

Extremely versatile, exclusive packaging with in-mould labeling. Protects and reliably presents all kinds of fresh products ranging from semi-solids to liquids.